Forum of Bible Agencies International



The Forum of Bible Agencies International is an alliance of more than 25 leading international Bible Agencies and other missions organizations with a shared vision: “working together to maximize the worldwide access and impact of God’s Word.” This vision conveys that the Forum is not only concerned with delivery of Scripture but also, most importantly, with engaging people in the Word of God so that lives may be changed.

The Forum was founded in 1990 on the belief that collaboration and cooperation would significantly increase the speed and scope of accomplishing this vision.

As an alliance of Bible agencies, the Forum collaborates by:


  • Strengthening inter‐agency understanding and relationships,

  • Undertaking strategic global initiatives,

  • Advocating the centrality of God's Word in life and mission,

  • Fostering professional excellence of its members through training, and

  • Providing support for the development of Regional & National Forums

FOBAI is a great support and mentor to The Forum of Bible Agencies North America. Having such a large network that is international is a blessing to furthering Scripture Engagement. 



Find-A-Bible - the Worldwide Directory of Bible Resources.

Bible translations now exist in the languages of nearly 90% of the world's population. Yet, half the world remains unreached with the Gospel of Christ. Millions are unaware of resources in their own language. Find-A-Bible exists to change that.

By providing comprehensive data on existing Bible resources, Find-A-Bible serves missionaries and church planters, translators and layman to ensure that Bible resources can be readily discovered, secured and shared.